The Best and Worst Bargains at Costco

23. Buy: Oatmeal


If you are a big oatmeal eater and that you consume it every morning, the large format is certainly advantageous on your budget.

If you buy 60 individual packets in a traditional supermarket, you will end up paying nearly $10 more each time. If you calculate, it’s a bargain not to be missed.

24. Buy: Vitamins

Too often when purchasing drugs or vitamins, you are paying extra just because the brand is well renowned when the actual product is exactly the same as some other no-name ones.

By buying large format Kirkland brand vitamins, you will get the same vitamins, but at a really cheaper price. In addition to getting value for your money, you won’t have to head to the store as often.

25. Buy: Batteries

If you’ve still got some gadgets at home that run on batteries, you’ll know that these little guys are not cheap. Next time you head to Costco, it’d be wise to stick upon them.

One pack should be enough to power your electronics for some time and you will find them to be a lot cheaper than in other stores. Don’t shy away from purchasing the Kirkland brand as they are actually made by Duracell.


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