Weird Stuff Americans Do That They Don’t Know Is Weird


The things you take for granted as a part of your everyday life in the U.S. of A. might make a non-American recoil in horror.

Americans might feel strong patriotic pride, but they have plenty of strange practices and habits that visitors from other parts of the world cannot understand.

From battling student debt to banning Kinder eggs, here are 28 weird things Americans do that they may not know are weird.

1. Displaying their flags everywhere

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Americans are notoriously patriotic, but visitors from outside the country don’t understand the abundance of red, white and blue.

You’ll find American flags on people’s front porches, in classrooms and churches and even catch some stars-and-stripes bikinis and outfits in stores — and we don’t mean just the tourist gift shop variety.

And more than one Redditor has expressed discomfort with kids pledging allegiance to the flag in school. “The pledge of allegiance is creepy. I know most Americans just say it because they have to in school but if you listen to the words it sounds strange to have children just chanting it off.”


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