Weird Stuff Americans Do That They Don’t Know Is Weird

2. Avoiding the doctor

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Some say Americans take the latter half of An apple a day keeps the doctor away too literally.

“Actively avoiding health care visits/checkups because if there’s something wrong and you don’t have the money to pay for treatment, then you’d rather just not know,” says one Redditor.

While Meemesfourdayz writes, “Ambulance rides that cost money seem pretty absurd to people from other countries.”

While other developed countries like Canada and Australia boast of their publicly funded health care systems, Americans end up paying high premiums or out of pocket for visits to the doctor or any sort of medical aid, so some residents just avoid hospitals and clinics entirely.

3. Toilet stalls with big gaps

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While Americans think large gaps below and around the doors of toilet stalls are perfectly fine — how else do you pass the toilet paper to each other? — residents outside the U.S. recoil in horror.

“Your toilets are too low down and the stalls have massive gaps around the door so that people can see in. You can put a man on the moon but can’t design a setup whereby I can take a dump in comfortable privacy. Sort it out America,” says orde216 on Reddit.

However, there are valid reasons behind this structural deficiency, according to Mental Floss. The gaps allow enough visibility for people to determine occupancy or whether any untoward public behaviour is occurring, and they make it easier on first-responders in case of medical emergencies.


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