Doctors: 9 foods that can promote hair growth (Try Tonight)

Young woman holding two orange slices in front of her face

Hair growth is something most persons in the world are after. The pursuit of hair growth has made lots of persons try out different chemical products without no great success. Most persons have given up on trying to promote hair growth without trying out one very important method, which is diet.

Yes, you read that right. The right food can play a vital role in helping you live a healthy lifestyle and also promote hair growth. So, to see the growth you want in your hair, you must include some certain types of food into your meal plan. The following is a comprehensive list of foods that can help promote hair growth


Eggs contain Biotin, a natural hair supplement that promotes hair growth. Biotin facilitates the production of keratin a hair protein. Eggs also contain a high amount of selenium, protein, and zinc, which are essential nutrients for hair growth.


Vitamin C, and A, along with iron, and folate, help to enhance hair growth. Any reduction in any of these nutrients will lead to hair loss. One food that contains all of these nutrients and other vital minerals is spinach. Spinach also contains omega3 and sebum, which gives your hair a beautiful appearance.


Salmon can help to repair damaged hair and promote hair growth easily. It contains omega 3 and 6 in high amounts. In addition, salmon contains protein and vitamin D3 which help to give your hair an appealing look


Vitamin E is a prerequisite for hair growth. A good amount of Vitamin E can be found in Avocados. A high intake of avocado would help you with your hair growth


Nuts contain fatty acids and vitamin E. Both nutrients are vital to healthy living and hair growth.


Berries contain Manganese, antioxidants, Vitamin, and fiber which when included in your diet, can help to repair damaged hair, and also facilitate hair growth.


Cinnamon facilities blood circulation around the brain; it also helps to circulate hair to the follicles as well. You can take cinnamon by adding it to your tea or coffee.


Soybeans are rich in iron. A deficiency in iron can greatly affect hair growth and restoration. Consuming soybeans will help you increase your iron count, and also play a key role in your hair growth and other bodily function.


Oysters contain a good amount of zinc that can help repair damaged hair. Apart from the hair benefits, oysters can also help you live a healthy lifestyle. They contain low calories and fat, and they also possess lots of protein.