After Her Weight Loss, Celine Dion Confirm What we Knew All along

  1. Her Life Was Never Dull

Celine Dion is admired by many people due to her talents and resilience. However, she has faced many challenges and obstacles to overcome from the beginning of her career. Her career journey is not a walk through the park! She has managed to overcome the obstacles to reach an unbelievable level of success. Celine had to learn how to handle and manage her career with so many health issues and a controversial relationship.Despite all these issues, Celine never fails to wear a happy face and give the best during her performances.

  1. Her Husband’s Diagnosis

In 1999, Celine Dion received devastating news concerning her husband, Rene. Her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer thus he was confined in the hospital. Celine was therefore, required to look after her husband in the hospital. Her husband’s health problems became one of her major trials in her career. She stood by her husband and did everything she could to assist Rene have a quality life.

3/Celine’s Mom Hated Her Relationship

From the very beginning, Celine’s mother did not acknowledge her relationship with Rene. From an interview, Celine explained that when she informed her mother that she had strong feelings for Rene, her mother tried everything to kill Rene and also to make Celine snap out of the relationship. Although Celine was mad and frustrated at first, her mother tried to make her understand that Rene was not a responsible man since he had tried marriage twice and that he had three children. Celine’s mother further told her that she wanted a perfect prince charming for her.

4/She Had Problems Conceiving

Amidst tours and concerts, Celine took a break for her family in 2000. During this time, she underwent through two in-vitro fertilization procedures aimed at boosting the chances of conception. Rene and Celine decided to undergo this procedure after their previous many unsuccessful attempts to get a child. In 2001, Celine gave birth to her first child, Rene-Charles Dion Angelil.

5/She Almost Died

Celine was just 5 years old when she almost lost her life. She was hit by a truck that send her to comatose for a week. she recovered fully from the fractured skull which she suffered as a result of the accident. How lucky is Celine!

6/She Hated My Heart Will Go On

when the song “My Heart Will Go On” was first played in Titanic, we were all captivated by it. Did you know that Celine doubted this song? She believed that this song would not become famous and that it will affect negatively her career. In an interview, Celine said that that she disliked this song at first. She explained that she had done another song for a movie before and it was successful. However, with this song, she thought she was pushing for her luck.

7/They Called Her A Traitor

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” featured one of the Celine’s chart-topper song. From this performance, Celine won her first Grammy. Despite this success, the song instigated a vast criticism from her Quebecois fans.As a result, she declined the award for the English Artist of the Year award at Felix Awards to prove that she was proud of being French-Canadian.

8/Celine Wasn’t Planned

Many of you do not know that Celine is the last born in a family of 14 children which was financially unstable. Celine’s mother had no plan of giving birth to other child after she welcomed her 13th kid. Seemingly, destiny had other plans for her! Celine slept in a cabinet drawer while she was still a baby since there were no beds available.

9/Her Husband Put His Foot Down

Celine’s husband was very instrumental in recording her song, “My Heart Will Go On.” Rene convinced Celine that this song will be a hit. During an interview with Jonathan Ross, Celine recalled that her husband said that they just do a demo (real recording) of the song, try and see the results of the song. She further explained that the never sang the song again after its recording. However, the rest became history as the song won several awards from 1997 film Titanic. The song will forever remain Celine’s trademark song!

10/A Shark When It Comes To Business

Celine’s mother, Therese Tanguay Dion, is a well renowned chef in Quebec. Now you have an idea where Celine’s skills and passion in cooking originate. In 1990, Celine established her first restaurant in Quebec. The restaurant was a big hit just like her songs! She decided to expand Nickels after much success and opened restaurants in other locations throughout Canada.

11/Suing For Millions For Spreading Lies

1990’s remains to be a very traumatic decade for Celine. It’s during this years’ that Celine released an amazing 13 albums and she also received bad news concerning his husband’s health. During this tough period, she realized that she needed taking a break for her family and herself. During her break, National Enquirer magazine published a false story about Celine having twins. Celine took legal action and sued the magazine for spreading lies. She asked for $20 million. The magazine immediately expressed and donated money to American Cancer Society.

12/Doctor Dion

Celine has received many awards including the highest honor for her province, The National Order of Quebec. She was also given stars in both the Canadian Walks of Fame and Hollywood. As if that these awards are not impressive enough, Celine received an honorary doctorate from the Laval University which she dedicated it to her husband. She called this award as “a very great honor for a little girl from Charlemagne.”

13/She Had No Other Choice

Hugues Aufray, a famous French artist released a song named “Céline” just 2 years before Celine Dion’s birth. The 5-year-old Celine performed this song named after her on her brothers wedding. This is the moment when everyone noticed Celine’s extraordinary talent. Apparently, she was from a musician’s family, so it was clear she had the potential.

14/Discovered In The Weirdest Way

Celine’s brother, Jacques, and her mother composed songs for her. They were confident that Celine can make a great singer. Her mother tried the very best to ensure that Celine’s talent does not go into waste. Luckily, her family’s hard work bore fruits when they caught the attention of Rene Angelil.

15/Her Mom Had To Interfere

Celine’s mother started by sending a recording to Rene with a note that explained that the demo was for a 12-year-old who has a fantastic voice. She explained to Rene through the note to listen to her and that she wanted the girl to be like Ginette Reno. However, Rene did not reply immediately.  Rene decided to give it a shot only after persuasion by Celine’s brother. He immediately contacted Celine for audition after he heard Celine’s voice.