Energy Drinks Almost Kill Husband, Leaving Giant Hole In Skull While His Wife Is Pregnant

This is so unimaginable! Brianna experienced the unthinkable while pregnant with her first kid.

Austin and Brianna were very excited as they waited for the arrival of their baby boy. However, one particular morning, Brianna’s mother-in-law made a phone call full of devastating news to the mother-to-be.

She told Brianna that Austin had an accident.

Brianna made a two-hour drive to the hospital where Austin was receiving treatment where she learned that her husband had a brain haemorrhage. This was an unexpected sudden horror to her!

Ever since Austin had been up for long working hours and had to commute frequently, he had been excessively taking energy drinks.

After it became a habit, Austin began drinking excessively. The doctors confirmed that the excessive taking of energy drinks ultimately caused his brain haemorrhage.

After two weeks of staying in hospital, wondering if Austin will survive or die, Austin was discharged from hospital and the two love birds made their way out of the hospital.  Through a Facebook post, Brianna wrote that the time for her delivery had come.

Keep scrolling down for Brianna’s incredibly emotional story along with some beautiful photos which were taken by Sara Endres, a Sacramento photographer.

Endres describes the shoot as a very moving and real session. You will know why she said so, right!!…

Below is what Brianna wrote on the Endres Photography Facebook page:

Hello, my name is Brianna and below is my story…

Love is not the little things like memories, dates, or even phone calls. Love is selfless, knowing how to sacrifice things that you could have never thought you could sacrifice.

Have you ever felt that your life is shaking? Or have you ever been experienced an emotional turmoil to an extent that everything near you becomes shaken and fuzzy? For a second you cannot do anything since your lungs feel so tight. You become unable to think, unable to move and even unable to react. Yes, I have experienced all this. All while nine months pregnant with our first kid…, I experienced something that was unimaginable and unthinkable.

Expecting a child is supposed to be one of the most remarkable journeys that one will ever embark on. You are creating a new life inside you and at the same time experiencing unconditional love for someone you have not met yet.

Austin and I were very excited to meet our bundle of joy, to bring him home and be a family.

I never thought as I went to rest that night, that my life could be traumatized within just hours.

I vividly remember my mother-in-law waking me up with a call that morning. She said, “Austin had an accident.”

All that I knew is that Austin, my husband was in the hospital. The worst part is that I didn’t know why he was there.

I made a two-hour drive to the hospital. I learned that the father of my child, my husband, the only person that am so deeply in love with, was diagnosed with brain haemorrhage. But why? After running his tox and ruling out drugs, the doctors concluded that the horrible event was as a result of his recent excessive consumption of energy drinks (a habit Austin developed after longer working hours and commuting).

His surgery was in place. After a distressing wait for 5 hours, we all got to see Austin. While everyone focused on his almost unrecognizable face which was covered with all sorts of tubes and machines, all I could see was my husband’s parents. I saw his father break down crying as he held onto his wife. I saw light leave his mother’s eyes as she set eyes on her motionless son who was laying in the bed.

The two did not know whether the life they both created would even wake up soon.

Watching my new family which I have grown to love and be part of it be broken and shattered, was the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life.

The following day was the second round of brain surgery. What followed this was swelling, seizures, strokes, and many other things that we were not prepared for.

This was an awful moment. Sitting by his bed in hospital, just saying prayers that he will be okay soon. I knew I would never give up on Austin no matter the circumstances or how messy our life would become. Through all, thick and thin, I was going to be by his side all the days of our lives.

After two weeks of staying in the hospital, wondering if Austin would die or survive, we all made our way back home.

Finally, the time to deliver our baby boy came.

I wont lie to anyone, it was very hard. I had great plans that Austin, my husband, would be part of this great moment in our lives. being by my side, holding my hand, and being there to cut our baby’s cord. Being there to welcome our bundle of joy to the world. What an imagination!

Wait! A miracle happened as I delivered our baby. Yes! Austin woke up. I had gone a week without setting my eyes on him. He was in my mind every day. I always cried as I looked at the baby boy who resembled his daddy.

I left the baby with my in-laws when he was only one week old.

I needed to see Austin and tell him that we had welcomed our baby. To let him know how we were in much need of him.

Weeks passed. We took Austin all over the country as more procedures and operations were ordered by the doctors. However, I saw him every time I got a chance to see him.

About over 2 months down the line, our son met his dad. This is the day I was not sure I would ever see. It was the day my heart gained back some of its happiness.

After that, Austin could come home. Our life is not anyway normal. There are so many doctor visits and hospital trips.  In deed so many that I lose count! But we are fighting.

I could wake up every day to take care of my husband and our handsome little boy. I prepare meals, do speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. I help him with personal hygiene and also help him walk. I could help him with all aspects of life.

And above all these tasks, I have to take care of our busy eight months old boy. For real it’s hard, I am tired, but I have to make the most out of it.

He is not the same person I fell in love with. Above all, we are fighting hard to help Austin recover and make his life better. We are confident that one day we will get there.

Until then, I will never give up on my husband. Simply because love is selfless, and I love Austin more than the life itself.