Home Remedies For Low Back Pain


4. Keep a Healthy Body Weight

Losing weight relieves the strain on your lower back. Hemani thinks that losing weight helps with pain since it lessens the amount of mechanical tension on the spine. Ask your doctor for assistance on a diet and fitness plan that will work best for you if you need it.

5. Give up smoking

According to research, smokers are four times more likely than nonsmokers to develop degenerative disk disease or other spine issues.

Nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products can damage your spine and deplete the nutrients in your spongy disks, which cushion your joints. A healthy spine keeps your back flexible and prevents stiffness and soreness in its muscles.

6. Experiment with Ice and heat

You may have heard that one is superior than the other when it comes to back pain alleviation. The quick answer is that whatever works best for you is the best option.

Ray explains, “Some individuals come in and swear by heat or ice.” “You could try both, and you’ll most likely find that one is better suited to your relief.” If your back is inflamed or swollen, ice is usually the best treatment. If you’re looking to ease stiff or tight muscles, a heating pad can be a better option.

Hemani recommends just using ice or heat for 20 minutes at a time. Also, if you’re using muscle-ache lotions or ointments on your skin, don’t use them.


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