This Is Why People Think Harry and Meghan Are Lying About Archie

In May 2019, Both Meghan and Harry welcomed their royal baby after what was felt like forever. Most people felt like the Kensington Palace broke the expectation news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in 1975! We found out that Meghan Markle was expecting a baby in October 2018. At the same time, the Palace revealed a vague date of delivery in “spring of 2019.” Not that we are mad about the royal family, but most of us have been seriously coping with the royal family baby fever ever since the first day we heard of Meghan’s pregnancy.

Prince Harry and Meghan welcome their first child on the wee hours of Monday on May 6, 2019. Although the royal couple have kept some private details concerning the birth of their baby, the couple has slowly begun to reveal to the world about the excitement.  This means that we have the details and the reports that the new royal parents may have lied to us about their new born boy. If you have been looking for the latest information about Harry and Meghan’s child, of which we know you have, then you will have to keep reading this!

5.It’s a royal baby boy!

An official birth announcement was posted on prince Harry and Meghan’s official Instagram indicating that it was a baby boy, not long after the Buckingham Palace issued an announcement that Meghan had gone into labor. The Instagram post was caption revealed that the royal couple’s son weighed 7 lbs., 3 oz at birth and that the baby and the mother were both well and healthy. The new parents thanked the public members for their shared support and excitement during their special time in their lives and further promised to share more details about the baby in the near future.

An official statement was issued and posted by the royal family on their website,, providing us more details concerning the little bundle of joy, including his exact birth time. Harry and Meghan’s son came into the world in early hours at 5:26 a.m. The statement has revealed that Harry had accompanied Meghan and he was present for the birth. Also, Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother was present at the hospital and was staying with the new parents and her first grandchild at the royal family’s home in Frogmore Cottage. Wow! What a grandmother!

4.Meghan and Harry’s royal baby was born “a little bit” late

The royal family kept quiet and did not disclose Meghan’s due date during and after her pregnancy. However, an interview on Harry as a new dad revealed a big clue concerning the due date. When Harry was asked if the royal family had thought of a name before, he revealed that the couple we still weighing their available options since they had more time to decide as the baby was a little bit overdue.  Prince Harry’s comment clearly indicated that his wife was due at some point prior to May 6, 2019. However, most of us could have believed that the new royal welcomed their baby at the right time.

Emily Nash, a royal expert tweeted a conversation she had allegedly overheard in January 2019. In the tweet, she wrote that Meghan has told well-wishers in Birkenhead that she was six months pregnant and she was due end of April or beginning of May. In April 2019, Cosmopolitan calculated Meghan’s exact due date and they revealed their best estimate at around May 10, after combining together various clues. This would make the bay a Taurus. The birth of the Harry’s son turned out that the Cosmopolitan publication was very close.

3.the couple waited this long to introduce their royal baby to the world

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child just a year before Harry and Meghan welcomed their son. At that time, Kate hit news headlines for leaving the hospital and posing for photos with her husband William and their little bundle of joy, Prince Louis just seven hours after delivery. As a way to introduce Harry and Meghan’s newest prince to the public, the couple took pictures on the steps of the Lindo wing at St. Mary’s hospital which is also the hospital where Princess Diana delivered Harry and William and where Kate gave birth to all of her three children.

Of course, many people wondered if the newest royal parents would follow similar suit. Such speculation was squashed in mid-April 2019 after Buckingham palace revealed via Reuters that Meghan and Harry have made a personal decision to keep private the plans concerning the arrival of their bundle of joy. The Palace also confirmed that the Duchess and Duke will look forward to sharing the exciting news with the public once they have had enough opportunity to celebrate their newborn privately as a new family.

Instead of revealing the birth of their child on the same day, the couple waited for two days to reveal their little one even though Harry gave an interview shortly after the birth of his son. The newest prince was revealed inside Windsor Castle which is the place where the couple tied their knot just one year prior.

2.Meghan and Harry’s bundle of joy is a “really calm” baby

Meghan and Harry spoke with the media concerning the new addition to their family which was in addition to introducing their newborn to the world and posing for pictures. At just two days old, the newest prince personality was starting to reveal to his parents. while Meghan revealed that her son is quite calm and that he has the sweetest temperament, Harry quipped that he wonders who he gets all such characters from.

While talking about their baby boy, both Meghan and Harry had all smiles. When asked about parenthood, Meghan revealed that its magic, pretty amazing and that she got the two best guys in the world and thus she was really happy. It was also that Harry felt similar about being a first-time father. Harry explained that the couple was so thrilled to have their own child. During this brief interview, the new parents did not reveal the name of their bundle of joy although Meghan chuckled at the boy “baby Sussex”

1.Meghan and Harry gave their royal baby an untraditional first name

Meghan and Prince Harry shared their child’s name with the world through Instagram just after they introduced their newborn to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. The caption of the post read, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce they have named their first-born child: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.”

The name caught many people by surprise. According to CNN World report, the name of Harry’s son is believed to have little pattern within the modern British royal family. Believe it folks, the new parents didn’t go for traditional names as many people including experts assumed.

The royal expert Katie Nichol told Time a month before Archie’s birth that there is speculation that Meghan was going for something untraditional, possibly a modern name or an American name. while Katie said its possible, she really though that Meghan and Harry would not stick to tradition. She instead felt that the couple would choose a name that would reflect “the family tree.” Nonetheless, the new parents choose a non-family name Archie which is a name without British origin and is diminutive of Archibald but German. According to, the name Archie means “truly brave.”

You may not be surprised to see prince Harry’s son name listed as Mountbatten-Windsor! Well, you may have assumed that Archie would take similar last names as Kate Middleton and Prince William’s kids since after all William and Harry are brothers. Though all that is mouthful and not all simple, Prince Louis’ birth certificate revealed that his full name is “His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge.”

Marlene Koenig, a royal expert explained to Town and Country that “Cambridge” acts as the children’s last name for both Kate and William. Meghan and Harry could have also decided to use the same pattern in naming Archie.  The child should have used Sussex as the last name since the parents are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The other viable option used in naming Archie is that the names the new parents picked was as a result of the use of the hyphenated last names of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s descendants: Mountbatten-Windsor. Just a reminder! If you wonder why the couple did not opt for Meghan’s maiden name, Markle, it is because that was not a viable option since the duchess renounced the name upon getting married to the royal family.