4 Facts you didn’t know before ABOUT DOUBLE LIFE OF Todd Chrisley

In 2014, Todd Chrisley became famous as a result of the first performance of his reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best. The show follows the blonde bunch which features Todd’s wife, his mother and their kids as they steer their dramatic lives while in Georgia. The key pull of this reality show is Todd’s biting wit and iconic grief which is directed at his family members. Although Todd provides laughter on his hit reality show, his real life off-screen has been funny. This wealthy real estate developer lives a downright scandalous life off the screen!

After his USA Network TV series hit, Todd has met almost all kinds of trouble ranging from alleged extortion attempt, money problems to nasty allegations by his family members and relationship drama. His reality TV persona versus his reality life suggest a different life. Keep reading to get all shocking facts you didn’t know about Todd Chrisley.

1/He filed for bankruptcy protection

Todd has been experiencing financial trouble even though his family life on his reality show is glamorous. In august 2012, this star filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. His bankruptcy was reported at $49.4 million. Chrisley’ s big debt was as a result of mortgages which totaled $12, a $4.4 million loan taken by his wife, a tax bill amounting to $ $595,227 and a failed business investment which costed him staggering $30 million.

Three years later after Todd filed for bankruptcy protection, he confirmed to Radar Online of his case discharge. He said that his family was in a good place psychologically, emotionally and financially. He further said that his family has weathered the greatest financial downtime like the experience of Great Depression in USA. Finally, he confirmed to Radar Online that he is neither the only person who filed for bankruptcy protection nor will he be the last.

Although the interview with Radar Online sounds like a successful comeback story, Radar Onlinelater reported that Chrisley owed Uncle Sam more than $590,000 and that in July 2016 he was hit with tax liens.

2/Todd Chrisley: Country star?

Todd Chrisley stormed the world of reality TV and later he started to dominate the Nashville music scene. Anyway, does this ambitious crooner have the talent and drive to succeed in music or is he trying to create a new persona?

As reported by TMZ, in January 2016 Chrisley signed with two primary producers from Inc. (BMI) broadcast Music with aim of launching his singer-songwriter career. According to TMZ reports, the signing deal stated that BMI would pair Chrisley with Shane Stevens, a songwriter who has created music for Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Sara Evans, and Carrie Underwood.TMZ further obtained a photo of Todd together with Evans at studio. The two released a tune called “Infinite Love” which in July 2016 it peaked at number 39 on the Billboard country charts.

3/His son called him a ‘snake’

In October 2014, Chrisley was hit with a major scandal when Kyle, his eldest son, gave a contemptuous interview to the Daily Mail. In the interview, Kyle called his father a snake, toxic and bankrupt. Kyle further accused his father of gaining custody of his daughter, Chloe, in an effort to improve his reality TV viewership. Kyle reported that he did not want his child, Chloe, to appear on reality TV.

While speaking to E! News, Chrisley said that the allegations made his son are untrue and “unfortunate”. He referred Kyle as a bipolar person who seek a way out to self-medicate. Todd said that Kyle has been a bipolar person since he was young and that he only wants the best for him. However, subsequent interviews with Todd confirmed a strained relationship with his son, who had been in and out of rehab and wanted by the police as a result of an alleged domestic assault with the mother of Chloe, his daughter. Radar Online established that in November 2015, Chrisley’ s lawful guardianship over Kyle had come to an end after 6 years.

4/Rumors about Todd Chrisley’s sexuality aren’t new

Todd Chrisley had been forced to address his gay rumors even beforeChrisleyKnows Best show premiered in 2014. While speaking to People Magazine in March 2014, Todd confirmed that the gay gossip which had been there for years is not true. He further added that what people see is what they get and that their opinions about him are none of his business.

To justify the gay rumors, Todd Chrisley, who has been in marriage for decades and has been blessed with five children mentioned a Twitter user who plainly asked him about his plans to come out of the closet (“gay”). However, he replied the tweet by telling the user that he doesn’t live in a closet and that he would be happy to escort him out of his closet and the tweet was all of sudden pulled down. Chrisley further defended his gay rumors by defending his trip to see his beloved gay, Elton John in his 40th birthday concert by saying frankly, “so what?’’