We Now Understand Why Rob Dyrdek Disappeared

11/He’s a father of two

Dyrdek and Flores seem to be quite happy with parenthood, and in December 2017, the couple announced the arrival of their second child, a baby girl named Nala Ryan Dyrdek, and expressed their joy at giving Kodah a sibling and growing their family. Turned 44, Dyrdek has been waiting for the time to start his family — for decades, his career was always prioritized. But at this moment it seemed like he was ready for a change, and he wanted to settle down and spend most of his time with his family. Celebs are just like us —they also feel their priorities changing as they get older and wiser.

Although Dyrdek’s life is now very different, so far he feels nothing but thrilled about his new role as a father. When announcing the birth of his daughter, he shared on Instagram, “She is an angel from heaven. She is absolute perfection. She is our princess.”

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